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I have been photographing for about 20 years and have just converted from film to digital. I have two MAXXUM 7d cameras and many differant lenses, my two primaries are a
Sigma 50-500 and a Minolta 18-70.

I am from central NY state and have just returned from a 2 month photo trip of some of our national parks.

What I feel about photography follows:

Nature's flora, fauna and beautiful landscapes are the subjects of my photographs, all of which I have set out to capture in the seasonal splendors that only nature can present to us . I seek out the smallest creations, the insects and smallest flower, to the largest such as the moose and towering pines. As I walk around my back yard or venture out into the fields and woodlands, I am always aware of natures presence. One only needs to pause and observe, and you will see it there before you. Some people think that they must travel thousands of miles or go to other countries to observe, paint, or photograph nature in all it's splendor. You really only have to venture a few feet or a few miles to find the whole new wonderful world we call NATURE. This presentation is not of my work, but of the beauty I have observed on my little walks in this beautiful world.
Sal Sgroi


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