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Michael Easton
I remember, as a child, spending many long wonderful summers with my grandmother in the small Kootenay town of Nakusp. In the late 1950s and early 1960s there still remained large pockets of virgin interior rain forest in British Columbia. These ancient trees were hundreds of feet tall and measured 6 to 10 feet in diameter at their base. The woodland caribou were abundant. Large stately cottonwoods ringed the Arrow Lakes. The lake rose and fell with the natural rhythm of the seasons. This was my playground and classroom. My natural sense of curiosity was my teacher. My first encounter with capturing images was when I was given at age 6 a Kodak Brownie box camera.

My aquisition of a Nikon f with a macro lens at age 17 enabled me to photographically consider the world of nature in a much more diverse way. From my time as a cowboy in the high mountain meadows to working as a Park Naturalist in the BC Provincial Parks system to studying birds on an isolated island off the West Coast of British Columbia to my long-time residency in Newfoundland. It was after my Newfoundland experiences that I acquired my Pentax 645 and a variety of lenses so that I could make good quality prints to 16x20. This is when I started to use black and white (and Ilford Pan f film) almost exclusively in my work.

After my return to BC from Newfoundland, I was invited to join the Western Photographic Circle. This was (and still is) a wide ranging group of photographers who embodied many skills in producing fine prints. We would critique each others work on a monthly basis and give workshops on particular processes. This peer review and teaching opportunity enabled a high standard of photographic excellence to be maintained.

My work depicts small vignettes of nature that often speak to the spiritual aspect of the land of British Columbia. Studies in water, rock, bark, trees, plants and landscapes range from the abstract to the recognizable. Fine prints are available for sale from 11x14 up to 5 feet x 7 feet. My original prints are signed, titled and numbered. My website contains over 1000 images divided into 45 subject areas. Contact me for pricing and other information.

Michael Easton
2015 McLallen Court
North Vancouver  V7P 3H6 Ca
Phone: 604-988-3532


Profile Link: http://www.AllNature.org/MichaelEaston

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