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Darlene Spell
Mission Statement:

Photos by Darlene . . . specializes in capturing the everyday beauty in nature of the Midwest and beyond. She offers high quality prints along with great gift ideas and worldwide shipping at her website 24/7.

Artist Bio: A Missouri native, I was born in St Louis and as a child traveled throughout the country to visit my brother, who was in the Navy, on our family's summer vacations. This gave me the opportunity to see our beautiful country and it was during this time I received my first all-in-one 35 mm camera. I really enjoyed photography and took many photos on our trips. By the time I was a senior in high school I had upgraded my camera a few times to finally my first SLR (a Canon AE-1, which I still have). It was at this time I began to capture family events, landscape, nature, and scenic photos. My passion has always been the landscape and nature photos, over the last 30 plus years I have captured quite a few. Upon graduation, work and eventually family took over leaving little time for photography.

After having several different type jobs and not finding something I liked, I realized I needed to follow my passion of photography. In 2005 I began my photography business, specializing in nature photos on canvas and photo restoration. The technique of printing on canvas gives the photos a most unique appearance.

I have never had formal training but I keep updated by reading photography books, magazines, articles, and taking on-line webinars.

I love this new journey and am looking forward to what the future holds.

Darlene Spell

Darlene Spell
PO Box 4203
Scott City MO 63780 US
Phone: 573.778.5781

Profile Link: http://www.AllNature.org/DarleneSpell

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